I’m back! (Updates, News, Where I’ve Been)

So it has been a long time since I’ve done a blog post, but life has been a tad bit complicated. Between dealing with a major surgery (I am now down a few girl parts), The Big C, and all the ish that goes with chemotherapy, I’ve been busy napping. Because that’s what you do for about the first ten days after chemo– nap… a lot. That and count your eyelashes as they fall out because you’ve made peace with losing your hair, but your damn eyelashes, too?! What a freak show. Once Miriam and I were at Target picking up my personal pharmacy, and I knew I was forgetting something (because chemo brain is a thing). Then I remembered and told her I’m heading toward the shampoo aisle when she started laughing at me. Oh yeah, I’m bald. What do I need shampoo for?

Between the dog and cat, we had three visits to the vet, ensuring he could make his mortgage payments. Simon, the poor kitty, was attacked by another cat that came into our home through the dog door. He was attacked in his own house! Poor little guy. He’s such a sweetheart. We found out cats like Pedialyte. Grape flavor. Who knew?! Ranger was just being Ranger. What’s new there?

Miriam broke her wrist. Don’t ask. She also needs to have her own surgery, on her knee. (Insert long, exasperated sigh here.)

So meanwhile, back to the writing career. I did get a lot of writing done while I was down for the count. Writing as Simone Harlow, working to finish the second book in the Scorned Lovers series. I Hate Myself For Loving You will be out in mid-September. I have to admit I loved loved loved finding the not so perfect woman for Declan Shaw aka The Golden God. And I just finished Malcolm’s story Just a Girl. He and his hot mess of life are on their way to the editor. Gavin is up next, and the poor baby rock star is going to get the last thing he thinks he wants… the woman of his dreams.

As for writing with J.M Jeffries, we just turned in the second to the last of the Torres books staring baby sister Lola. She is in for a fun ride with her perfect hero. The release date and title are to be announced. And we have the final story in the can also. Yippy! After that, we are working on a series of books about sister animal trainers. Because if you can teach a monkey to take a shower, you can tame a hot man.

So now that were all caught up, I’m going to drag Miriam to go see Spiderman. Again, sorry for the long silence, everyone. It’s been a bitch to get through, but chemo is officially over, and I can get back to talking to you lovely readers.

Much Love,

Aka Simone Harlow
Aka the J in J.M. Jeffries

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