My Team

I’m a busy ass woman. I write with a partner as J.M. Jefferies, I work for Starbucks, and I write solo novels. Plus, I got a mamma I love, a man in another state, and I like to sit on my couch and watch Hot Man Television. Then there’s Mr. HM (High Maintenance) Ranger to worry about. So I have two lovely ladies who help me get shit done. My bitches get shit done.

Rose Granbacka


My personal assistant and resident grammar freak. Rose has actually been working for me now for about two years. She mostly helped me with personal errands and keeping my bedroom a no dust bunny zone. But we had actually bonded as friends long before while she was planning a library romance novel (that she still hasn’t published — hint hint, woman) and I first started thinking about the Scorned Series. She’s awesome. She can hold my laissez-faire godson on one hip while she dusts a glass-fronted bookshelf and sings Foreigner songs. Her “To Be Read” bookshelf is always overflowing with Medieval history, regency romance, high fantasy, and sci-fi. (She makes a lot of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter jokes.) I call her SN – Super Nerd.

Anna Rhodes


The original badass MG.Mighty Geek. Anna got on board recently to help me manage some of the public relations aspects of this business. She’s kind of a big deal. Anna likes to listen to audiobooks in the car while she hunts for Pokémon. She’s either a saint or has totally lost her marbles because she willingly teaches teenagers how to drive. I met Anna because her mother and I worked together at Starbucks. Then I found out that she reads romance and like any smart woman, I immediately recruited her to help me out. She also puts my teasers together and helps Rose manage her aspects of this business when she’s swamped with school work. Her “To Be Read” list mostly consists of modern romance and young adult fantasy.

Together, these two ladies make up my team. They help me by being my first set of beta readers, viciously (or not) critiquing and tweaking my genius. They sometimes make decisions with me and help manage my social media, answer emails, and edit this blog. Their help is invaluable.